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 Supply & install 

We have the capability to supply and install high quality trees, shrubs, bushes, plants, decorative rock, turf, and all other landscaping materials. 


landscaping melbourne kandkscaping

 Turf Installation

We have what it takes to supply and install turf to your garden to transform your landscape to a low maintenance haven. You have the ability to choose  what type of synthetic turf or natural grass to suit your  needs and budget. 


landscaping melbourne kandkscaping


Short on time to spend on your garden? We  understand that not everyone has time to spend watering the garden, so to keep your landscaping fresh  we are able to supply and install your own irrigation  system. 


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Mulch is a versatile material for your garden. Not only  does it provide decor to give your garden bed a clean-cut finish, it also locks in moisture to keep your plants  hydrated and reduce watering. 


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 Retaining Walls

You have a sloping site? No problem! Retaining walls are a multi-purpose function used in landscaping. They are used to transform slopes to a flat surface, increase usable surface area of your yard, and also can be visually pleasing. 



 Weed Control 

Whether you have a yard full of pesky weeds that need  to go, or you wish to prevent weeds from growing in the future, we have the tools and skills to keep your yard  fresh. 



  Fencing / Feature Fences 

Whether you’re updating your existing fence or need a  new fence all together, we can supply and install. 



landscaping melbourne kandkscaping

 Decking & Patio

Looking to bring your entertaining outdoors? Let us  know what type of decking or patio you need so we can give you a custom design. 





Update your home with concreting. From driveways to pathways, we have you covered. 



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You name it, we’ll get it done. From odd jobs and repairs to property maintenance, we cover a large range of services. 



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 Eco-friendly Garden / Rain Garden 

Also known as bioretention facilities. Rain gardens are  designed to filter polluted storm-water in your own  garden by using a series of free-draining materials in  combination with plants. 


landscaping melbourne kandkscaping

 Pool Surrounds & Features

Whether it be a vertical garden, water fountain, water  feature, or sculpture, we will endeavour to source and  install your desired new feature from our range of  suppliers. 


landscaping melbourne kandkscaping

  Loose Paving / Stepping Stones

Add an elegant touch to your walk way by selecting  from a variety of pavers and stepping stones that we  will supply and install.