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Kanga Kid Mini-Loader and Tipper Trailer Hire

kanga hire melbourne


Hire together or seperately.

Dry hire or wet hire available.

Perfect for DIY landscaping projects and scraping, digging, moving and levelling soil, sand, mulch, gravel, etc, DIY concreting, and loading the Tipper-Trailer.

The Kanga Kid can fit through standard size doorways which makes it perfect for those hard to get through areas.

The dual axle Tipper Trailer gives you access to pick up and drop off materials or rubbish and transport the Kanga (includes ramps).


Kanga Kid KK216

-4-in-1 bucket (Width 800mm)

-200mm Auger-Concrete Mixing Bowl


-Ripper/Plow Tyne

-Width: (Tyre to tyre) 740mm


Tipper Trailer

-Internal dimensions 2435 x 1520 x 900 high

-3.3 cubic metres

-Multiple tie-down points

-Hydraulic tipping system

-4 Tonne tipping capacity

-Dual axle-Electric brake system

-Minimum vehicle towing capacity 1.8 tonne


-Barn Doors

Contact for pricing and availability 0492 802 227